The Mommy Book - Todd Parr(2002)

       What kind of mom are you? A working mom, stay-at-home mom, or a working-at-home mom?  Whatever kind of mom you may be, you are under the broad umbrella of "The Mommy Book".

For All Moms

         Dedicated to all moms, this book is something every kid would love. Todd Parr has a series of books that goes the same way with various relations such as Mom, Dad, Grandpa etc. Being a mommy book, this one sorts moms based on: driving minivan or motorcycle, having short or big hair, stay at home mom or working mom, the list goes on. But all moms have one feeling in common: Love for their kids.

            "What kind of mom are you? A working mom, stay-at-home mom, or a working-at-home mom?"

My Comment: 

     This book is out and out Todd Parr's way of celebrating motherhood. With bright colors and wacky illustrations, Todd Parr has expressed this universal love. Every kid would be simply attracted by just seeing the book. 

        After those cute illustrated 'mommy and kids' pictures, it's the narration that catches the kids. The differences between mothers are told in a simple, but more positive way. (Whether you cook or order pizzas, the narration will sure make you feel better.)

        I have always appreciated Todd Parr's books, for introducing diversity to kids, at a very young age. In the same line, this book too talks about various diversified moms. This book (of course, many of his books) offers a great opportunity to kids to understand every person is unique, but love is universal. As every kind of mommy is filling this book, any kid can identify his or her own mom in one of the attributes.

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