The Boy & The Book [A Wordless Story] - David Michael Slater (2015)

ISBN 10 : 1 58089 562 X
ISBN 13 : 978 1 58089 562 0

             Ripping, folding and tossing a book are no ways to love a book. But, here comes the nightmare to the books and the book lovers.

A Book Lover

             A naughty boy enters the library. He picks a book. Oh, no... he is not reading it. He tosses, tears, folds and stomps on the book. And, then leaves it. The poor damaged book  is helped by his other book friends (Yes, the books are also characters in this story), with glue and clear tape.

Talkin' Guitar : A Story Of Young Doc Watson - Robbin Gourley (2015)

ISBN 10 : 0 544 12988 1
ISBN 13: 978 0 544 12988 7
        Being blind, his ears have opened a whole new musical world, to the notorious Grammy-winning guitarist, Arthel Lane "Doc" Watson.

A World Of Sounds

         Born in a place, where the sky meets mountains, young Watson's surrounding is filled with nothing, but music. Mom's lullaby, clucking of chickens, mooing of cows, whistling of train, wind, rain and every other sound is musical to Arthel. 

If You Were A Noun - Michael Dahl (2006)

ISBN 10 : 1 4048 1388 1
ISBN 13 : 978 1 4048 1355 7
        It is proper. It is common. It could be single. Or, it could be a collection too. Yes, it is a noun. What if you were a noun, detailed under a space mission? First things first, you have to play by rules. 

A 'Noun' Mission
        Take a common noun and you could be anything like astronaut, spaceship or a mission. Among the nouns, life of singular nouns is simple. But if you are going to be a plural noun, you either attach a 's', 'es' or sometimes change a lot. To make matters worse, you can have two forms ('nebulas' or 'nebulae'). Too bad, sometimes, you don't change at all (How many ever fish you point to, you are just 'fish'. No 's' added).

The Last Stop On Market Street - Matt De La Pena (2015)

   * Newbery Winner - 2016
   * Caldecott Honor - 2016  
   Coretta Scott King Book Awards (Illustrator) - 2016

        How do you define beauty? Does it come with appearance? Not necessarily. Anything, that is soulful, even if it is dirty, is beautiful.

A ride to happiness

       CJ and his nana are coming out of the church, and boarding a bus, when it is raining. Everything in his life is not okay with CJ. Why don't they have a car? Why are they waiting for bus, in rain? How come some (blind) people are not able to see? and various other reasons.

The Best Night Out With Dad - Lisa McCourt (1997)

ISBN 10 : 1 55874 5084
ISBN 13 : 978 1 55874 5087
  (Note : This story is adapted from the story 'The Circus' by Dan Clark. This book is part of the series "Chicken Soup" Books, for young readers, marked as "Chicken Soup For Little Souls".)

It's Not Just A Fun Night

        Rocket Science can be taught and learnt. But, how to teach the kids about empathy, nurturing, sharing and caring for others? Well, we can rely on children's literature for this purpose and this book is one such best example for that.

How Are You Peeling? - Saxton Freymann & Joost Elffers (1999)

ISBN 10 : 0 439  10431 9
(Scholastic 2004 Edition)

           A tomato is happy. An orange is jealous. An onion is sad. Oh, yes, you read it right. Those are all vegetables and fruits, emoting out. And, also they come out with a perfect moral "It's alright to show your emotions".

To Emote Is Your Right
      This book talks about emotions, but not in a philosophical way. In a very funny and ingenious way, with the vast array (photographs) of various vegetables and fruits, the authors have showcased emotions from happy, sad, tired, frustrated, angry etc. (The cover shows a smiling bell pepper).

High Flying Paper Airplanes - Jack Botermans (2005)

ISBN 10 : 1 4027 1725 3
ISBN 13 : 978 1 4027 1725 3

        Folding a paper airplane is always exciting (even for 'grown-up' kids), as it takes us nearer to flying, the human being's most obsessed dream. If just ordinary paper planes are not enough, always this book can launch you into making supersonic jets and gliders.

Fold And Soar

        After all, flying desire cannot be satisfied with one single model of paper plane. That's why, this book offers a variety of models, categorized based on various aspects like distance and acrobatic stunts. Along with some experimental models, the book also improves creativity in airplane making, by imbibing new features in already known models.