If You Were a Dog - Jamie A. Swenson (2014)

ISBN 10 : 03743 35303

What animal are you?

       It is kind of hard to be humans, all the time, right? For a change, grab this book and mimic your way through the life of animals.
     If you were a dog, you could be a speedy-quick, frisbee catching, pillow-hogging kind of dog. If you were a fish, you could be a coral peeking, toe nibbling, wave-jumping fish. If you were a frog, you could be a giant-hopping, ribbety racing kind of frog. And there is so much of adventurous life, if you were a cat, bird, bug and dinosaur (Mm, Wow!). 

     But, do not worry, if you cannot do any of those. You can still read this book and 'Giggle, Giggle, Giggle' all the way.

      Illustrated By : Chris Raschka

      Publisher : Farrar Straus Giroux

     Classification : Funny (Pretend play)

     Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3


My Comment:

      Before starting to read this book, clear the space right around you. There is going to be some lovely actions and mimics by your kids. Teachers should clear a bigger space as this book can work great in classroom atmosphere too.

      The book is totally appealing with its so-lovely illustrations and jazzy layout. The illustrations bring out the vibration of the book in vibrant colors. The inventive vocabulary in this book is out of the world. Who could have imagined  flutter-by-er, toe-nibbler, ribbety-racer? Amazing.

      But, make sure you read this book to your kids, not around bed time. The book is so energetic and can make the kids so excited and active.(Imagine the kids stomping like a dinosaur or hopping like a frog before bedtime).
      Anyway, what animal would you change into, if you were given a grant? How would you act if you were really given a chance to be your favorite animal?

      Yet to Read, Best, Good, Okay? What is your 'book thought' for this book? Mark your option down.




  1. I am glad this is such an interactive read! I know a lot of kids find it hard to imagine being another creature than human for themselves, and this is a great way to have them making noises and doing the actions along with the books. It seems like one that would be a lot of fun to read as well!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, this book is a complete fun. My kids enjoyed doing the actions and the book was a huge success with them.


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