Fiction, Fantasy & Nonfiction

            The biggest classification, of the world of books, falls under two categories: Fiction and Non Fiction. While fiction encompasses all imaginative stories, non fiction generalizes all books based on real facts.
             When it comes to enrichment of a child's brain, both fiction and non fiction have their own place and are both needed. So it is always a good idea to introduce both fiction and non fiction to a child. While a fiction offers a child empathy, emotional nourishment, fun, morals etc., a non fiction offers knowledge, lateral thinking, inspiration etc.

What is a Fantasy?

             Fantasy is another popular genre in the world of books. Though a fiction is an imaginative story, it is set upon true facts. Even aliens, UFOs are all imaginary, but they are not beyond the future hopes of science. So they constitute a science fiction.
             On the other hand, Fantasy involves magic, fairies, trolls etc, which are supernatural and beyond the elements of science.