Gandhi : A March To The Sea - Alice B. McGinty (2013)

ISBN 10 : 14778 16445
ISBN 13 : 978 14778 16448
     (Note : India was ruled by British government for over 200 years. Mohandas Gandhi and various other leaders fought their way against British, for Indian freedom. This book talks about one of the non-violent protests, led by Gandhi, called 'Dandi March'.)

The Sweetest Salt

             A march for salt forms the pivotal movement of Indian freedom fight. When salt is very crucial to human life next to air and water, a protest can break out, at the point when people are denied their right to take salt from sea.

            Under the long rule of British, India has faced many unfair laws. One such rule is forbidding Indians to obtain salt from the sea. They were forced to buy salt from British, with high taxes, which many poor people cannot afford. To protest against this law, with over 70 marchers along side, Gandhi walked for 24 days (From March 12 to April 5, 1930) to a sea coast, near the village 'Dandi' and gathered salt from sea. Throughout his walk, he met with diversified village people, spoke to them and prayed for them. Before the eyes of hopeful Indians and eager journalists, Gandhi arrived at the shores of Dandi, on the 24th day. When Gandhi touched the white sands of Arabian Sea, a salty victory was recorded in the history .

My Comments:

             A piece of history is made every time, when a protest is fought of.  'Dandi March' is an important protest in Indian freedom movement, as it marks the beginning of various successful non-violent movements. Introducing a protest (to my kids), led by Gandhi (called as Gandhiji in India, with 'ji' denoting respect), is the first happy thought, I felt about this book.

             Yes, it is history. But, it is not like the textbook history, filled with only details. The narration is graciously uprising and made us to feel the heat of the protest and the surmounting hope of the protestors. With Gandhi's quotes and the brief history of India at right places, this book has provided history with the mix of emotions. Along with the narration, the gorgeous illustrations sure had taken us through a walk to Dandi. The pages with illustrations where Gandhi gathers sand with his hands and the view of journalists through Gandhi's glasses are some, I cannot take my eyes off.

            With all positive sides, I wished there could be a few more details about how Indian freedom fight started. (I was born in India and taught in Indian schools, so I can connect the dots of starting of Indian freedom fight and the importance of 'Dandi March'). But, that's not bad altogether, as this book has opened a path to us, to discuss more about freedom fights and non-violence.

Illustrated By : Thomas Gonzalez

Published By : Amazon Children's Publishing

Number Of Pages : 40

Classification :  Informative (History - Dandi March by 'Gandhi')

Age : Grade 1 - 5

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