Show Way - Jacqueline Woodson (2005)

                           (Newbery Honor - 2006)

         We all have a story of our ancestral history to share with our kids. Here is the tender and inspiring story of the author, Jacqueline Woodson, about her maternal ancestors, that she shares with her daughter.

A Way to Moons and Stars

           The story starts with Soonie's great-grandma being sold as a slave (Soonie is the great-grandma of the author). Her slave life starts in another land without her parents, with her only hope being quilting stars and moons. Life remains same for her daughter, Mathis May, but she has the power to make 'Show Way', the quilt that shows the road to freedom.

           Generation after generation coming, the mothers pass their love and art of quilting to their daughters. As each woman in the generation quilts, reads and paints, she uplifts her future generation to the next level, until one day there is no slavery left behind.

Illustrated By : Hudson Talbott

Publisher : G.P. Putnam's Books for Young Readers

Classification : Biography , Relation 

Age : Grades 3 and above

ISBN 10 : 03992 37496

My Comment:

           This book can really be celebrated as one of the books that talks about women empowerment and motherhood. The tender chain of love, that links the women of eight generations, is beautifully conveyed with profound emotions. The African American history which forms a strong backdrop of this story, grasps the readers' thought, even long after the book is read.

           The illustrations (by Hudson Talbott), based on quilting theme, talks about the numerous stories and dreams of those women, who walked for their upcoming generations. It also brings them close to the readers. The illustrations has intricate detailing, so be sure to have a second time reading of the book.

           The book better fits for bigger kids (grades 3 and above), due to the lot of details poured in this book (underground railroads, civil rights movement and various topics). In total, the book gave the satisfaction of reading about history, womanhood, love, inspiration, all at the same time.

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  1. As it was recently Women's Day internationally, it seems like now is a good time to be thinking about a book such as this one. I like the idea of it being something that shows motherhood as well, which is something older kids are prepared to try grasping.

    1. Thank you for sharing your views. You are right. Also, this book made me think about my mom and all my maternal ancestors.

  2. Love Jacqueline Woodson!

    1. Yes, I too. The power of her words are amazing. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Wow!Thanks for opening my eyes to yet another amazing book from Jacqueline. Thank you also for participating in MCCBD2016!

    1. Yes, she is an amazing author. Thanks for the comment...


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