The Adventures of Beekle : The Unimaginary Friend - Dan Santat (2014)

               Caldecott Winner - 2015

     What comes before imagination? All we know is, imagination comes first in mind and then people work on them. But, the author and illustrator, San Dantat has this special imagination, where "imaginations" are waiting for someone to be imagined.


       He is a not-yet-imagined creature (not-yet named too), born in a faraway island, where all imaginary friends of  every "Earthling" kid is born. Day after day, he waits under stars, waiting for a kid to imagine him, along with his fellow island-mates. But his turn doesn't come yet.

It's An Orange Aardvark - Michael Hall (2014)

          With five carpenter ants and some peep holes, what story could you possibly write? But Michael Hall can write an amazing story with an outstanding moral in it.

Is it really an aardvark?

           Five carpenter ants living in a wood stump, hear a rumble outside. An ant with 'red hat' (The ants are color-coded with carpenter hats) is sure that it is an aardvark. The three 'blue hat' ants are scared to death now, as aardvarks prey on ants. But the brave 'yellow hat' ant drills a peep hole in the stump to see the outside. When orange color appears in the peephole, the 'blue hat' ants are relieved. (It's just orange color like orange). But, the 'red hat' ant scares everyone that it could be an orange aardvark.

Daylight Starlight Wildlife - Wendell Minor (2015)

         When the sun and the moon swap their places in the sky, there is a whole scenario of changes happen in the animal kingdom. While the diurnal animals return to their cozy home, all the crepuscular and nocturnal animals start their active life.

Nature's balance
        The concept of this book expands into "For every animal that rules the world by day, there is equally an animal, active at night". When a red-tailed hawk soars through sky by day, a barn owl swishes through by night. If cotton tail rabbit and her kits bustle through a field by day, night is the time for pink-nosed opossum and her family. At night, Luna moth takes the place of a butterfly in the morning. Nature has a perfect balance of everything.

Mighty Mars Rovers - Elizabeth Rusch (2012)

       The planet Mars is our "next-door neighbor" in the solar system. But, it needs a vast array of engineering minds and years of hard work to photograph and explore this planet.

A Mighty Mission

          Mars Rovers (brain child of geologist Steve Squyres) are robotic rovers, launched by NASA, to explore Martian land. In 2003, two rovers, named Spirit and Opportunity, were launched.

If You're A Robot And You Know It - David A.Carter & Musical Robot (2015)

         If you are happy and you know it, obviously you know what to do. But, what if you are a robot? Maybe, this techno twist of the classic nursery rhyme could tell you.

Action Bots

         Just take the rhythm of "If You Are Happy And You Know It" and change it into "If You Are A Robot And You Know It". Yes, you are all set for a world of robotic actions. This is the lovely theme of the "If You Are A Robot" song by "Musical Robot" band (released in 2013). Now, this book is the next upgradation to that blasting song. The cut-out and pop-up robots in each page of this book clap hands, jump, beep, and shoot laser beams, according to the actions in the modified song (The song is downloadable for free).