The Nearsighted Giraffe - A.H. Benjamin (2013)

ISBN 10 : 1-60992-433-9
ISBN 13 : 978-1-60992-433-1
      Will glasses make a giraffe look silly? Well, that's what this nearsighted Giraffe thinks and she refuses to wear one. But, how does she manage to walk through the forest?

A foresight solution

        She wears a bicycle helmet, after she banged her head on a branch. She ties a bell to her tail, after she crashed into a rhino. She starts to wear boots, after she hurt her foot on a rock. Not to stop with that, she adds a pillow, an inflatable ring and a ladder one by one, after every crash, until she looks ..... yes, super silly.

You Are What You Eat And Other Mealtime Hazards - Serge Bloch (2010)

ISBN 10 : 1-4027-7130-4
ISBN 13 : 978-1-4027-7130-9
              Imagine a potato lying on a couch ("couch potato"), a stomach opens its mouth to growl ("stomach growling") and a horse dining in a table("eat like a horse"). Yes, you got it. This book cartoons the various idioms based on food, interluded with the story of a picky-eater changing into a "tough cookie".

Fun Down to a T

              The protagonist of this book is a picky-eater, who eats like a bird. Even when he is advised to "think outside the box" and to "use his noodle", he is not ready to change. But things get a different turn, when he is invited over to his friend's house (whose mom is a "health-nut"). Does this picky-eater "chicken-out" or "brave it out"?

Understanding Sam And Asperger's Syndrome - Clarabelle Van Niekerk & Liezl Venter (2008)

ISBN 10: 0-9747217-1-9
ISBN 13 : 978-0-9747217-1-2
       Is Autism a hard topic for a kid, to understand? No, I believe. It is a comprehensible and even an important topic for every kid.

A happy understanding

       Sam is a small boy, part of a lovely family. Playing cello, humming tunes and building puzzles have always made him happy. But there are some aspects, where Sam is a little different from other kids. He cannot make friends easily. He is sensitive towards some situations. Most importantly, it happens that he wanders off out of home, one night. Soon, Sam is diagnosed with "Asperger's syndrome", a form of Autism.