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          I am Ambika. I am a mother of two kids, who share the passion for reading, along with me. In truth, they are the real backbones of this blog, since it is their likes and dislikes, which I am echoing out here. They love to read all genres of book. That gives me introduction to a whole variety of books, which I too am able to love and cherish.

          (The books, I review in this blog, are either from our home collection or from library. Sorry, I am not doing advance reviews or other book tours. Thanks for understanding.)

          Enough being said about me, I am writing reviews for the children's books (mostly picture books), which I loved and cherished, in this blog.  In a direct sense, they may like look reviews. But, in reality, I consider them as a collection of memories, I shared with my kids. If, in some way, my reviews (Or, should  I say, my views) are helping you, I would be really happy.

           I have also tried to categorize the various books under the topics given in the menu. Again, if this classification works for you in some way, share your feelings with me. What else could make me more happy?

        Mostly, I am clicking the cover images of the books, along with some related (or, sometimes unrelated too) materials around. Otherwise, the cover images for the books, in this blog, come from these wonderful, helpful websites:

                        https://openlibrary.org/            &          https://www.librarything.com

      If they come from other resources (used with permission), they are noted with image credits.
               Thank you so much for coming here. Have a wonderful day of reading!!!                  


  1. Hi Ambika, Thank you for sharing your great blog. I was wondering how I could get one of my books to you. I'd love to hear what your family think of them. Thanks, Sue

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thank you for asking. To tell the truth, I don't have a definite routine on how I am doing this. I am writing this blog for only 3 months. I write about books (mostly picture books) which me and my kids (8 year and 5 year old boys) enjoyed reading. Most of the books are in our home collection or come from local library.
      Let me to take time to check how my blog is shaping up. Thank you again for your understanding and patience.


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