The Dark - Lemony Snicket (2013)

         Fear of darkness starts from  the absence of en(light)enment. En(light) darkness and there would be no fear left out.

The 'Dark' Truth

         Laszlo is afraid of the dark. But, the dark is not afraid of him (Yes, meet the other character in this book, the 'personified' dark). The dark lives in the basement of Laszlo's house. Every morning, Laszlo would peek the dark in the basement and say "Hi" (He believes that if he visited the dark, then the dark won't come visit his room and he would be safe).

My Teacher Is A Monster (No, I Am Not) - Peter Brown (2014)

          Monsters are not really out there. It's just our eyes and minds that makes monsters. Here, a boy says that his teacher is a monster. But, what she is, really?

A Monster Problem
          Robert (aka Bobby) has one monster problem, his teacher, Ms. Kirby.  She stomps, roars and she is a real monster when Bobby throws airplane in the class. Unfortunately, he meets Ms.Kirby, when he was going to his favorite spot in the park, on a Saturday.

The Umbrella - Jan Brett (2004)

        Lush rainforests are quite a sight to see. Don't worry, if you can't see one up close. Open this book and you will be right there.

An Animal Safari

        A boy (Carlos) walks into cloud forest, with his umbrella (Not just any ordinary umbrella, it's a picturesque umbrella, with a sturdy, curvy wooden stem adjoined with stitched huge green leaves). Carlos climbs up a tree, leaving his umbrella down, in the hope of seeing the animals.

Hello, Red Fox - Eric Carle (1998)

           Are you wondering why is there a green fox starring in the book cover, while the book is titled as "Hello, Red Fox"? Well, there lies the magic of Eric Carle.

Turn the color wheel

         It is the time for little frog's birthday party. He has invited Red Fox, Purple butterfly, Orange Cat, Green Snake and some other friends of yellow, blue and white color.  But, wait, what happened? Every guest is not in their original color.