The Best Night Out With Dad - Lisa McCourt (1997)

ISBN 10 : 1 55874 5084
ISBN 13 : 978 1 55874 5087
  (Note : This story is adapted from the story 'The Circus' by Dan Clark. This book is part of the series "Chicken Soup" Books, for young readers, marked as "Chicken Soup For Little Souls".)

It's Not Just A Fun Night

        Rocket Science can be taught and learnt. But, how to teach the kids about empathy, nurturing, sharing and caring for others? Well, we can rely on children's literature for this purpose and this book is one such best example for that.

       Poor kid, Vincent, had never been to a circus before. He gets a chance to visit circus with his dad, on his birthday, thanks to a coupon. While he is waiting in line before ticket booth, Vincent meets Danny(another boy) with his dad. Danny, who has been to circus already, explains to Vincent, about the extravaganza of circus with its splendid horses, elephants, jugglers, acrobats and the act by Thor, a tiger. Vincent listens to everything in awe and excitement.

       But, Vincent faces a letdown when he came to know that his coupon is expired and his dad cannot afford the full ticket price. That is when Danny steps up to wipe Vincent's disappointment and there lies a great message to humanity from a child's view. 

My Comment :

        This happens at times, when we read a book to our kids, we get occupied with the book, due to its depth. Even after a long time of reading, (I read this book first to my kids, a year back) we could remember the story and pinpoint its details. This is one such book to me, which I remembered and checked out from library again this week. The values and virtues, shared by this story, never get old and this story would be always there to teach them.

        The illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to this story. Whether it is the extraordinary glaze of circus events or the sad, disappointed face of Vincent, the illustrations stand by us, carrying forth the emotions. Told from the viewpoint of Danny, the narration is linear and fills the reader with details and emotions. (The adapted story is simplified enough to be read by young readers).

         It could be a dog-eat-dog world outside. But we, as parents, are never going to stop teaching empathy to our kids. Thanks to this book, that process could be achievable soon.

Published By : Health Communications Inc.

Illustrated By : Bert Dodson

Book Series : Chicken Soup For Young Readers

Original Story By : Dan Clark

Number Of Pages : 32

Classification : Emotional

Age : Grades 1 to 5

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  1. I never knew they had a version for kids.. I loved the Chicken Soup for the soul and you are right some of the stories stayed with me for a long time. Looking for this one at the library! thanks for stopping by at KidLitBloghop

    1. Thanks for stopping by.. That was the same feeling when I came across this book, as I did not know there is a kids' version. But, it was a touching read.

  2. I love this story of kindness! Thanks so much for introducing it to me and sharing it at the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

    1. Welcome and thanks, Pragmaticmom. It is a pleasure to be a part of Kid Lit Blog Hop.


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