Understanding Sam And Asperger's Syndrome - Clarabelle Van Niekerk & Liezl Venter (2008)

ISBN 10: 0-9747217-1-9
ISBN 13 : 978-0-9747217-1-2
       Is Autism a hard topic for a kid, to understand? No, I believe. It is a comprehensible and even an important topic for every kid.

A happy understanding

       Sam is a small boy, part of a lovely family. Playing cello, humming tunes and building puzzles have always made him happy. But there are some aspects, where Sam is a little different from other kids. He cannot make friends easily. He is sensitive towards some situations. Most importantly, it happens that he wanders off out of home, one night. Soon, Sam is diagnosed with "Asperger's syndrome", a form of Autism. 

       How does his family manage to cope up with his syndrome? How does Sam play that solo cello concert and win over everybody's heart?

My Comments:

      What happens when a kid reads this book? He could know better about Autism. What happens when a kid knows about Autism? He could be a better friend of another differently-abled kid. What happens if this cycle enlarges? A happy, positive community could flourish around. The author deserves every praise for intertwining a lovely story, with effective pointers about a syndrome (This book covers the generalized character sketch of a Asperger, not the whole spectrum of Autism).

      Anytime, while reading this book, a reader could be infected with the smiles of the characters. While the story exposes positivity of a syndrome, the pictures spread warm smiles across every character in them. The tips for interacting with a Asperger, add a valuable dimension to this book.

      Anywhere, anytime a child could face another child with some form of Autism. With a kid  understanding this "Sam", the world could be a better place for every other "Sam"s living in it.

Illustrated By: Clarabelle Van Niekerk

Published By: Skeezel Press

Number Of Pages : 48

Classification : Emotional, Informative (Tips to interact with an Asperger)

Age: Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

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  1. Certainly need more of these books, especially with the trend that many school systems across the country are integrating more and more mildly autistic children into the general education classroom population.

    1. Yes. Every kid deserves a fair treatment from their peers in schools. These books can develop such fairness amongst kids in the long run. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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