You Are What You Eat And Other Mealtime Hazards - Serge Bloch (2010)

ISBN 10 : 1-4027-7130-4
ISBN 13 : 978-1-4027-7130-9
              Imagine a potato lying on a couch ("couch potato"), a stomach opens its mouth to growl ("stomach growling") and a horse dining in a table("eat like a horse"). Yes, you got it. This book cartoons the various idioms based on food, interluded with the story of a picky-eater changing into a "tough cookie".

Fun Down to a T

              The protagonist of this book is a picky-eater, who eats like a bird. Even when he is advised to "think outside the box" and to "use his noodle", he is not ready to change. But things get a different turn, when he is invited over to his friend's house (whose mom is a "health-nut"). Does this picky-eater "chicken-out" or "brave it out"?

My Comments:

              Seriously, we might have literally imagined some idioms at some point of our life. It feels fresh and ingenious to see the whole scenario in a well-designed story book format.

              The illustrations, made by combining drawing over photographs, are another super plus of this book (The cover image is a small sample). My kids could laugh all day long seeing the "three square boxes" for three square meal and the "nut" headed mom. (Though, my kindergartener needs explanation for idioms). And who said I can't have fun with my kid's book? Any grown-up can equally enjoy this book as much as a kid.

             To put it in a nutshell, next time, when you think new foods are not your cup of tea, this book can really egg you on and spice things up in life (or your plate!).

Published By: Sterling

Number Of Pages : 36

Classification : Moral, Funny

Age : Kindergartener & up

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