It's An Orange Aardvark - Michael Hall (2014)

          With five carpenter ants and some peep holes, what story could you possibly write? But Michael Hall can write an amazing story with an outstanding moral in it.

Is it really an aardvark?

           Five carpenter ants living in a wood stump, hear a rumble outside. An ant with 'red hat' (The ants are color-coded with carpenter hats) is sure that it is an aardvark. The three 'blue hat' ants are scared to death now, as aardvarks prey on ants. But the brave 'yellow hat' ant drills a peep hole in the stump to see the outside. When orange color appears in the peephole, the 'blue hat' ants are relieved. (It's just orange color like orange). But, the 'red hat' ant scares everyone that it could be an orange aardvark.

         Story doesn't stop there, Each time the 'yellow hat' ant drills a hole, they see a different color. And the 'red hat' ant doesn't stop frightening everyone. Who is outside really? Is it a blue pajama wearing, ketchup carrying, green gecko Aardvark? Or blue like ocean, red like fire truck, green like grass.......... natural wonder?

My Comments:

         First Time Read :The book was pure fun, with (very) colorful and lovely illustrations and a moral.

         Second Time Read : It teaches seven colors, compares the colors with objects (Green like grass, blue like ocean) and has repetitive verses (pajama wearing, ketchup carrying etc.), which is wonderful to read.

     This would be the kids' level of understanding of the book. And, there is no doubt they are going to have fun with these plentiful of reasons to enjoy. The further section points out my thought on the book.

 Further Read :  

       * There are excellent human traits applied in this book (anthropomorphism). One ant always takes brave steps, one ant always pulls everyone down with its fears, the other three ants are on the verge of following bravery and cowardice, depending on the situation. 

       * Aardvark is not an real character in the book, (Oops..I can't tell why). But, the entire story revolves around it. (How true, often we set our lives, surrounded by our imaginary fear.)

        I have always loved Michael Hall's books (for my reading too), since it works on layers, for everyone's understanding. (Click Here for the review of Michael Hall's 'Red').And, this book is another perfect example for that. I can loudly say, this is a children's book, where grown-ups too get something.

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  1. I think kids might get more of your "further thoughts" than you think! Too often, we underestimate them. This book sounds like loads of fun either way! Thanks for being a part of the Booknificent Thursday reading community this week!

    1. Yes, Tina. Sometimes, they surprise us, with their understanding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts..


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