Mighty Mars Rovers - Elizabeth Rusch (2012)

       The planet Mars is our "next-door neighbor" in the solar system. But, it needs a vast array of engineering minds and years of hard work to photograph and explore this planet.

A Mighty Mission

          Mars Rovers (brain child of geologist Steve Squyres) are robotic rovers, launched by NASA, to explore Martian land. In 2003, two rovers, named Spirit and Opportunity, were launched.

          "Are Martians Real?". The book starts with a gripping question, that would interest a child. Then, it explores down to the core topic from how Mars Rovers were conceived as an idea, how master minds of various fields worked on it and to the very point how the Rovers actually worked and what are they doing now. Enhancing the story of the Rovers, various photographs and images from the time they were built and up to their work on Mars, accompany this book.

           Along with the knowledge of Mars Rovers, this book also passes these happy, little details. Who named the Mars Rovers? Does munching peanuts increase the luck of rover launch? 

My Comments:

       Anything with a space theme is a welcome topic for my third grader. So, he gave this book, with a image of 'Mars Rover' on the cover, a double thumbs-up. But, the wonderful part is that the book was able to interest him, even after crossing the cover and with every page turn.

      Though being a nonfiction book, the book does not just go down drilling only core scientific details. It maintains a surprising sci-fi tone, with interesting tidbits. (I am a huge fan of Michael Crichton's sci-fi novels. And, I enjoyed this book equally as those novels).

       Mars might be millions of miles away from us. Dreams are not that distant from us. This book would be perfect for those big astronaut dreams.


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