If You're A Robot And You Know It - David A.Carter & Musical Robot (2015)

         If you are happy and you know it, obviously you know what to do. But, what if you are a robot? Maybe, this techno twist of the classic nursery rhyme could tell you.

Action Bots

         Just take the rhythm of "If You Are Happy And You Know It" and change it into "If You Are A Robot And You Know It". Yes, you are all set for a world of robotic actions. This is the lovely theme of the "If You Are A Robot" song by "Musical Robot" band (released in 2013). Now, this book is the next upgradation to that blasting song. The cut-out and pop-up robots in each page of this book clap hands, jump, beep, and shoot laser beams, according to the actions in the modified song (The song is downloadable for free).

          If you are a robot, your movements are not restricted. You can clap your hands, stomp your feet, jump and beep, shoot laser from eyes. Now, what are you waiting for? Just, shout "Hooray".

           " If you are a robot, do you know what to do? Maybe, this techno twist of the classic nursery rhyme could tell you."

My Comments

        Though the foil cover of the book literally attracted me, I had a serious thought that my kids have outgrown the nursery rhymes. (Oh, come on, which 8 year old listens to nursery rhymes?). But, no, this book proved me that I am totally wrong. After the initial phase of downloading the song, my kids played the song repeatedly and pulled the levers of the robots repeatedly (Shooting laser beams out of eyes is a top notch work).

         When the cut-out robots are way too genius, the very design of each robot is done in a clever way. I liked the robot dog and robot cat, that accompanied the human looking robots. (I too secretly pulled the levers of the book, though I mentioned this book is intended for preschoolers and kindergarteners). But the worrisome part about this book is its delicacy. I wondered how long the levers in the book would survive, with my kids' repetitive pull to make the robots jump, stretch and shoot lasers.  

       But, fun could never be stopped. When you have a free song and some pop-up robots to perform, oh, yes, you know what to do. Sing, pull levers and have fun.

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  1. This sounds like a book (and song) that my preschool daughter would absolutely love! Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Oh, yes, I am very sure that your daughter would love this book. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Sounds like a fun read. My 8-year-old is reading a robot book right now called Nick and Tesla's robot army rampage : a mystery with hoverbots, bristle bots, and other robots you can build yourself. When we're done, we're going to try some of the hands-on robot-building projects.

    1. What a fun idea! I missed this fun, while reading this book to my kids. I should work on such a fun thing, some time now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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