The Very Lonely Firefly - Eric Carle (1995)

ISBN 10 : 03992 27741
ISBN 13: 978 03992 27745 
      (Note: Eric Carle has written a 'The Very' quartet, starting with 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. This book is the last one among them.

Is it Science, or, Poetry?

     Science - Fireflies have bioluminescence. 

     Poetry   - Fireflies are little stars, that flicker.

     Apart from science and poetry, Eric Carle shows a little firefly, who is searching for a place, where it belongs. (Eric Carle's words classify that "The Very Lonely Firefly" is about belonging (to a group)).

      A lonely firefly, born at the time of sunset, sets out on a search for other fireflies.  But, the night takes the firefly to various lights such as a light bulb, a candle, a flashlight and a lantern. Even, the firefly flies towards the gleaming eyes of a dog, a cat and an owl. 

      After its journey through various sources of light, does the firefly find what it is looking for? What is that magic flickering in the last page of the book? Does this book get bioluminescence?

       Publisher : Philomel Books

       Classification : Emotional (Belonging), Science (Various sources of light)

       Age  : Preschooler, Kindergartener

My Comment :
        Last comes first here. Above all the enriching story, it is the last page (It is really flickering) that caught the attention of my kids, after our first reading. They played with this book, with every possible light settings in home, as the fireflies glow. (You got to check this awesome last page on how the fireflies flicker with light.)

         In my what-this-book-teaches-my-kids view, this is an unique book, as it moves around the various sources of light at night. Also, the emotional appeal of the book is also unique. Belonging is the very natural instinct of every living being, which lives in a group or society. (Aren't, we, humans strive to establish social belonging from time to time?).

          Eric Carle's illustrations can energize any writing, with life. And, that perfect magic happens in this book too. This book has some science, soothing emotions, vivid pictures. I have two curious listeners. What else could I ask for?

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  1. I remember reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar as a child and loving it a lot. I am sure there are many other children who will like this book as well :D

    1. Sure, Olivia. Almost all the children love these wonderful titles by Eric Carle.

  2. I didn't realize there were more very books. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. I too didn't realize this, before starting this blog. I read to my kids, almost daily. Only now, I keep track of the bigger picture.


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