Officer Buckle And Gloria - Peggy Rathmann (1995)

                 Caldecott Winner - 1996

         Safety Tip #1 : Never tell a safety tip, without some fun added to it. Well, this book followed this tip to a T, and it is a grand success with kids.

Safe Fun

        Officer Buckle, of Napville town, knows many safety tips. But, safety tips are not fun to hear. So, no student in Napville school listens to the officer's 'safety tip' speech. But, things change, when Officer Buckle brings a new police dog, Gloria, along to his speech.

        Gloria sits promptly when the officer sees her. But, when the officer turns upfront and gives his speech, Gloria have other ideas. She enacts every safety tip, without the officer's knowledge. (How about a tripped upside down dog for "Always Wipe Your Spills"?). His speeches becomes popular now and he gets calls from various schools. Not before long, Office Buckle knows about Gloria's tricks and was upset.  After that, he sends only Gloria to a speech.

         Is Gloria able to perform the speech alone? How does the officer's safety tip, prevented a big accident in school? How does the officer come up with his best safety tip yet?

My Comments:

      There are two complete different views, I have, about this book:
            1. My kids totally enjoyed this funny story. They read every safety tip in the book, even the ones in the illustrations, in tiny fonts. (The swivel chair tip is a really helpful one, in our household). So, this is a book, I loved reading (and re-reading...) to my kids, because they loved it, in the first place.

              The illustrations are not just lovely. They are clever too. The narration does not cover all the story, it is the pictures that move the story. The illustrations, where Gloria enacts the safety tips, without the knowledge of Officer Buckle, are hilarious. Also,the picture, where Officer Buckle's TV is shown through the mirror, behind him, is brilliant.

            2. The other view is the surprising Caldecott sticker on this book. (Wait, I am explaining why I felt that). The illustrations in usual Caldecotts are little complex, multilayered and stay above the head of children. Here, the illustrations are whimsical, bright and detailed and they promise childish fun (but in a very good way).

             Wait, they are medals for Children's literature, given to books, that kids love. Why am I even feeling different about this? Verdict : This is a superb fun book for kids. So, enjoy having safe fun. (Especially, when Gloria enacts "Safety Tip #99 : Don't Go Swimming During Electrical Storms").

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  1. This is one of my sons' favorite books! It truly is a funny and clever story. Thanks for sharing such a great review!

    1. Thanks for the comment. My kids too, equally enjoyed this book.


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