My Teacher Is A Monster (No, I Am Not) - Peter Brown (2014)

          Monsters are not really out there. It's just our eyes and minds that makes monsters. Here, a boy says that his teacher is a monster. But, what she is, really?

A Monster Problem
          Robert (aka Bobby) has one monster problem, his teacher, Ms. Kirby.  She stomps, roars and she is a real monster when Bobby throws airplane in the class. Unfortunately, he meets Ms.Kirby, when he was going to his favorite spot in the park, on a Saturday.

           The first few moments are awkward. But, when Bobby saves Ms.Kirby's special hat, which is blown away by wind, things take a different turn. The teacher and the student engage in a quacking time with ducks and fly paper planes. Now, Bobby starts to think Ms.Kirby is not a monster after all.

          Is Bobby's teacher, a real monster? Or, is it just Bobby's mind, that makes a monster out of her?

My Comments:

           Teachers live in schools. Teachers never fall sick. Teachers don't have family. Teachers never make mistakes ("My teacher is always right"). There are so many teacher magics like this, my kindergartener have believed, already. So, this book is a welcome change for me, to show that teachers are also human beings and not monsters (magicians in my kid's case).

            It is not just the concept, the illustrations are another winner in this book. The face of Ms.Kirby slowly changing from a monster face to a beautiful face adds to the soul of the book. The whimsical and innocent 'Bobby' is another plus. (The author, Peter Brown has won Caldecott Honor (2013) for his illustrations in the book, 'Creepy Carrots' (by Aaron Reynolds)).

            The book mentions misunderstood teachers and misunderstood students, in the tribute section. I have to repeat it here. This book really talk for all the misunderstood teachers and students. And, every kid would sure love this monstrous fun.

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