The Dark - Lemony Snicket (2013)

         Fear of darkness starts from  the absence of en(light)enment. En(light) darkness and there would be no fear left out.

The 'Dark' Truth

         Laszlo is afraid of the dark. But, the dark is not afraid of him (Yes, meet the other character in this book, the 'personified' dark). The dark lives in the basement of Laszlo's house. Every morning, Laszlo would peek the dark in the basement and say "Hi" (He believes that if he visited the dark, then the dark won't come visit his room and he would be safe).

        But, no, the dark came to his room one day.  Is it going to frighten him? Or, does it want to show something to Laszlo?

        "Darkness is almost everywhere. Without darkness, the world would not be the same, as we live. Will Laszlo understand this and come out of his fear of darkness?"

My Comments:

          I believe, almost every kid has a 'darkness fear' phase, in their childhood. And, it is always good to have a picture book therapy, for childhood fears. But, this book is more than just a fear-fighting book. It brews some poetic sense and some suspense, while maintaining a creepy tone too.

         Of course, it is a book about darkness. And, the illustrator has done a perfect justification to the title, by lavishly painting in black ink. The amalgamation of darkness and light in the pictures, makes a perfect accompaniment to the mixed narration (The full page of darkness in Laszlo's room is a gripping visual.) But, as a word of caution, in case if you are going to read this book for younger readers, it takes couple of readings to grasp the meaning and get acquainted with the darkness in the book.

         So, I am not going to say that my kids are out of their fear about darkness, now after reading this book. But, I am sure that they have taken the first step in thinking that darkness is more than a monster-lurking medium. 

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