Dollars And Sense - Stan & Jan Berenstain (2001)

ISBN 13 : 978 0 375 97492 2 - First Time Books
            Money-growing trees and dollar-bill rain are not possible in reality. So, it is a hard-core reality that we need kid-sized versions of money management lessons to teach our kids.

A Check To Check

            The Berenstain bear cubs are in need of money, for buying baseball cards and a doll dress. They do know about money, like how to play with it and how to spend it, but they do not know how to save it (That's true, which kid knows?).

           When their parents introduce allowance, they spend the entire money on the first day and remain empty-pocketed for the whole remaining week. Now, the mom takes a bigger leap in money lessons, by introducing check books to the kids. Did the cubs finally learn money - management?

My Comments:

        " Can we buy that, too? ". All my shopping trips with my kids, typically involve this question. Buying everything is not a real possibility and if a book teaches that point to kids, I am a strong supporter of that book. And, naturally, I love this book (It was written in 2001. Maybe, the money management techniques have changed as of now, but the lessons are same).

          Berenstain Bears have helped me in getting so many topics, into the minds of my kids. Though this book slightly misses the charm of other Berenstain books, it promptly nails the lesson of money management into the kids' minds (Goal achieved). Talking about money and checks, this book does not drill the topics with core terminology. But it takes on a simple but effective way and my kids totally got the lesson (which I have been trying through endless lectures).

         The only problem, I found in this book, is the idea of giving old check books to the kids. Negatives apart, next time, before starting a "Money doesn't grow on trees" talk, this book can help you a lot.

Published By : Random House

Number Of Pages : 32

Classification : Informative (Managing Money)

Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1- 3

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