The Boy & The Book [A Wordless Story] - David Michael Slater (2015)

ISBN 10 : 1 58089 562 X
ISBN 13 : 978 1 58089 562 0

             Ripping, folding and tossing a book are no ways to love a book. But, here comes the nightmare to the books and the book lovers.

A Book Lover

             A naughty boy enters the library. He picks a book. Oh, no... he is not reading it. He tosses, tears, folds and stomps on the book. And, then leaves it. The poor damaged book  is helped by his other book friends (Yes, the books are also characters in this story), with glue and clear tape.

             Next time, the books save the ill treated book from the boy, by lifting it to a higher shelf, using a banner. But, soon the book jumps into the boy's hands again. Why? Is it because the magic of first reading moment, bestowed upon the boy? Does the boy finally get to know, how to love a book? 

My Comment :

         It is a painful sight to me, when a kid ill treats a book and I believe this applies to all the book lovers. (Thank goodness, my kids are not much book tormentors). So, the plot of a boy learning to love a book and facing his first reading moment, is itself a hit with me (Oh, yes, I become a fan of this book first and then only my kids). Any book lover would absolutely praise the author for the theme. Also, it serves as a great book to teach book care and library manners (as the cover says). 

          There are no words in this book, but there is a super cute story running behind the illustrations. The illustrator has carried away the entire burden of expressing the story (as it is a wordless book). And, he succeeds, as the story is completely understandable to even smaller kids, just by following the pictures. (The cute expressions of the books is something to be watched and loved). 

          The banner, used by the other books for saving the ill treated book, says "Reading Is Fun". Yes, it is, but not tearing the books.

Published By : Charlesbridge

Illustrated By : Bob Kolar

Number Of Pages : 32

Classification : Moral (Library Manners, Book Care), Wordless

Age : Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartener

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