Is It Big Or Is It Little? - Claudia Rueda (2013)

ISBN 10 : 0 8028 5423 0
ISBN 13 : 978 0 8028 5423 0

      A pebble could look like a big rock in an ant's view. Of course, it is our mind's eye that judges things, not just our physical eye. And, here is a book that explores this concept, in a child's perspective.

Perspective Differs

       A cat chases a mouse. Well, it is normal. But, in this book, everything around them takes a different perspective in their view. While a ball of yarn looks 'big' in the mouse's view, it is 'little' for a cat. When the mouse crosses a 'deep' puddle, the cat passes it with 'shallow' steps. Finally, there is an another person, who comes to 'end' the troubles of the mouse. Or, does it mean the 'beginning' of cat's troubles?

My Comments:

         Kids are self-centered. But, some day, they have to grow out of it, right? So, the very idea of the book (introducing point-of-views to a child), is a welcome thought. Again, I cannot stop wondering at the smartness of the author, who had set a deep theme against a sweet simple background . 

        Through out the cat-mouse chasing path, the orange and grayscale illustrations paint a vibrant, yet meaningful visuals. Compared to the theme, the vocabulary of the book is surprisingly simple. (My kindergartener was able to read the whole book. And, also there is a bonus of opposite words.).

        We, grown-ups, can have any difference of opinion about this book. But I am sure, a kid's perspective is that the book is completely enjoyable.

Published By : Eerdmans Books For Young Readers

Number Of Pages : 26

Classification : Conceptual (Point- Of-Views), Educational (Opposite words)

Age : Kindergartener, Grades 1-3 

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