Finders Keepers - Keiko Kasza (2015)

        "Finders are Keepers". Especially, the animals in this book follow this rule. But, though each of the animal find the same object, they keep it in different ways. Confusing? Read further and you will understand.

A hat? A nest? A boat? A nose?

          The hat in this story starts as a marker to where a squirrel stores its acorn. Soon the wind lifts the hat and lands it on a tree and a bird uses it as a nest. (Remember "Finders Keepers"). It doesn't stop there, the hat (Or, the nest now) soon becomes a boat and a clown nose. (Yes, it moves in the hands of various animals). After all life is a circle, so the hat finally reaches the place where the squirrel leaves it.

      Next day, the squirrel eats the acorn and leaves its cupule. Now a snake finds the cupule and keeps it as a hat. Yes, another "Finders Keepers" adventure starts there.

           A squirrel uses a hat to mark its food. But wind has other plans for the hat. A nest? A boat? A clown nose? How many roles, a hat can have?

My Comments:

        I may strive to introduce this world's geography and precious history to my kids. But, what magic do this cute, circular stories have? They make the kids to love and cherish them more. This book is one of those sweet, simple books. (Obviously, we keep reading it again and again).

       From cover to cover, charming, bright and sweet illustrations add more reasons to love this book. (Imagine a cute little ant sailing in a lovely red boat hat. Every page is adorable in the same frequency). Though I was a little worried about the tagline of the book (Finders cannot just keep the things, right?), I too cannot stop loving the book.

       Finding this book and keeping it for a sweet read, could be your child's next pursuit. Enjoy the adventure of "Finders Keepers".

Published By : G. P. Putnam's sons

Number Of Pages : 32

Classification : Funny

Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener

ISBN 10 : 0-399-16898-2           

ISBN 13 : 978-0-399-16898-7

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