Time To Sleep - Denise Fleming (1997)

       When we get ready for winter with our snow gear and other preparations, some animals in the forest are tuning themselves for winter sleep, called hibernation.

A call for winter sleep

        It is time for winter. Bear can smell it in air. But before starting her winter routine, she calls up Snail and informs the arrival of winter. Of course, Snail has also seen frost on grass in the morning. One more task before the long sleep, Snail meets Skunk with the news of winter. Not to wonder, Skunk has been also noticing the yellow and red leaves on the trees.

       The chain does not stop there. Soon Skunk informs Turtle, Turtle to Woodchuck and so on. When all the animals finally start their sleep.... well, "Good night".

              "Winter is in the air. There is frost on grass. The leaves are red and yellow and they are falling from tree. The animals are fat. Finally, there is one more thing to do... hibernate"

My Comments

        Art? Language? Information? What do you prefer in a children's book? All of them are covered in this book. Not just included, everything from art, vocabulary and repetitive storytelling is special about this book (It would be a cliche, if I say my kids enjoy repetitive storytelling).

        The first attraction of this book is Denise Fleming's hand made illustrations. (Don't just stop with this book. Every book of hers, involves her amazing artwork). Not just for seeing, reading this book is another fun (Slithering Snail, Trudging Turtle, Scritch-Scratch Skunk). Another surprising feature of this book is the amount of information, it provides. All details are weaved in the story line, with out protruding in narration. (How winter arrives? How and where do various animals hibernate? Get ready to know all this.)

         Now should be the perfect time, before your lil' ones start their night sleep, sneak through these animals' long sleep.

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  1. I love Denise Fleming's style! Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday this week!

    1. We too, Tina. Thanks for stopping by.


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