Warning! Do Not Open This Book - Adam Lehrhaupt(2013)

     Oops! Don't misunderstand. That's the real title of this book. But I would say, please ignore the title warning and proceed.

Dangerous fun ahead

           You are being warned not to open this book, in the cover image itself. The endpapers post more warnings about the dangers inside the book. But, I know, you are going to proceed, by turning more pages. You are not going to believe what happened to the last guy who read this book. Oh, there comes the monkeys, making a huge mess. Then toucans follow them, making the surrounding more dangerous. The danger does not stop there, as there is an .....
           Now, the book instructs us how to set a trap and escape from these menacing animals. What is the trap and how are you going to execute it?

 "As a word of caution, expect some nail-biting fun, reading this book."

My Comments:

             We have seen books that teach us, inform us and enrich us. But how about books that interact with us? I believe that they take reading to the whole next level. This is one such book, which my kids enjoyed to the core (with some voice mock-ups by me) and they were very eager to close the book.(Why do they want to close the book? Well, that part of the trap is a secret.)

              With illustrations, that are fun-oriented, and very little text, it is the theme of the book that makes the book a huge hit. With every page, the book makes us climb the fun ladder. (But sadly, any review about this book can reveal only a little about this book. Only a personal reading can tell more).

             As a word of caution, here, I am saying that expect some nail-biting fun, reading this book and don't forget to close the book quickly (I am saying it in a good way!).

Illustrated By : Matthew Forsythe

ISBN 10 : 1- 4424- 3582- 8        &           ISBN 13 : 978- 1- 4424- 3582- 7 (Hardcover)

Published By : Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers

Number Of Pages :  40

Classification :  Interactive

Age  : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

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