The House In The Night - Susan Marie Swanson (2008)

                                      (Caldecott Medal - 2009)

       Have you ever held the key to a magical night, that just goes endless in an enchanted way? If no, hold this book and you can get a peek of that night.

Key To A Magic Portal

       It all starts with a child, being handed the key to a house. The house, where a light burns. In the light's warmth, there lies a bed. On the bed, there is a book, which pictures a bird. In the soul of the bird, a song is playing, about the dark. In the dark, the moon is glowing with the lights from sun.

     The sun is in moon, while the moon is in dark. Now the book iterates through
               dark   to  the   song,

                      song   to  the   bird,

                           bird  to  the   book,

                                book   to  the   bed,
 and after some passes, finally travels back to the key of the house.

 My Comments :

           Nights are soothing. Poems are soothing. Mix 'night' and 'poems' and add some dreamy illustrations and you will get this book. Inspired by a old nursery rhyme, "This is the key of the kingdom", this never-ending loop of poem is simply mesmerizing.

           Black, white and yellow are the colors, we found in the scratchboard illustrations of this book. But these minimum number of colors are collaborated in a magnificent way, to make the lulling illustrations. Apart from the color palette, another surprising factor is the detailing and wide coverage, the illustration provides. Any kid can visually comprehend the environment, as the book moves within and within.

                So, here is a book, that promises cozy night time reading,

                               Reading that takes the kids into sparkling dreams,

                                        Dreams that land them in enchanted worlds,

                                                Worlds that offer timeless treasures,

                                                         Treasures that are dreamy as this book.


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