The Day-Glo Brothers - Chris Barton (2009)

              Fluorescence is not just about colors. It's a science. Every scientific invention blooms up over the imagination and toil of its inventor. And, this book paints the (extra) colorful story of the inventors of fluorescence, Bob and Joe Switzer.

A Glo(w)rious story

             Bob and Joe Switzer are two 'Chalk and Cheese' brothers, who has different abilities and different ambitions. Bob is a hard worker, who aspires to become a doctor. Joe practises to become a top-notch magician and he possesses a knack for speed and unique problem-solving methods.

            When an accident unites these brothers in the dark basement of their house, under one quest, there starts the story of this glowing invention.

           "Fluorescent colors are life savers, used in life boats, buoys and road signs and safety vests. They also add fun in magic shows, paintings and displays. Just like Bob and Joe Switzer, these colors are a perfect mix of fun and thoughtfulness."

My Comments :

           Inventions and discoveries make up our every day life. But how many times, have we given a thought about those wonderful inventors? Until now, I never had a thought that fluorescence was invented by someone with such extensive quest. That surprise element is the first winning point of this book.

          Just like the fluorescent colors, the book is bright, fun and extraordinary, but without missing the serious information, about the life history of Bob and Joe Switzer. The illustrations, starting widely with grayscale images and building up to Day-Glo fluorescent colors is impressive and a marvelous idea to convey more about the topic.

         Some inventions are life savers. Some inventions add fun. But fluorescence is an exceptional invention that works as a life saver and also adds fun. In the same way, this book is a right mixture of information and fun.

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