If You Were A Noun - Michael Dahl (2006)

ISBN 10 : 1 4048 1388 1
ISBN 13 : 978 1 4048 1355 7
        It is proper. It is common. It could be single. Or, it could be a collection too. Yes, it is a noun. What if you were a noun, detailed under a space mission? First things first, you have to play by rules. 

A 'Noun' Mission
        Take a common noun and you could be anything like astronaut, spaceship or a mission. Among the nouns, life of singular nouns is simple. But if you are going to be a plural noun, you either attach a 's', 'es' or sometimes change a lot. To make matters worse, you can have two forms ('nebulas' or 'nebulae'). Too bad, sometimes, you don't change at all (How many ever fish you point to, you are just 'fish'. No 's' added).

       Finally comes the collective form. Depending on what you are denoting, you could be either 'swarm', 'crew', 'colony' and so on.

My Comments:

        Who would have thought grammar could have such a lighter side? And, the way the nouns are twined with a space theme is a brilliant idea. (The cool vocabulary is a hit with my kids - nebulae, red dwarfs, constellation, infinity of universes and so on). The illustrations are another big plus of this book. Make sure to turn the pages of the book, one more extra time, to enjoy some more space time.

         My elder one (who already knows about nouns), enjoyed and understood this book thoroughly. And my younger one (preschooler) is attracted to the space theme and the illustrations. (Side note : He asked me about nouns and I tried to explain. But, I am not sure, how much he got from that).

         Just an extra word, this book is not about teaching nouns. It shows 'nouns' in a fun light and moves with the top view of types of nouns, with a space mission setting. So, after all the drilling worksheets, this book can lighten the grammar learning.

         (The author has written other books, similar in pattern, emphasizing parts of speech such as adjective, verb, adverb etc. The title of each book also follows this pattern : 'If you were a verb', 'If you were an adjective' etc.)

Illustrated By : Sara Gray

Published By : Picture Window Books

Number Of Pages : 24

Classification : Educational (Grammar - Nouns)

Age : Grades 1 - 3

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