High Flying Paper Airplanes - Jack Botermans (2005)

ISBN 10 : 1 4027 1725 3
ISBN 13 : 978 1 4027 1725 3

        Folding a paper airplane is always exciting (even for 'grown-up' kids), as it takes us nearer to flying, the human being's most obsessed dream. If just ordinary paper planes are not enough, always this book can launch you into making supersonic jets and gliders.

Fold And Soar

        After all, flying desire cannot be satisfied with one single model of paper plane. That's why, this book offers a variety of models, categorized based on various aspects like distance and acrobatic stunts. Along with some experimental models, the book also improves creativity in airplane making, by imbibing new features in already known models.

     Are you going to make a Long-Distance Glider? Or, an experimental Digi-Jet? Or, a Wing-Nose LDG. a combination of Long Distance Glider and Wing-Nose? Every model is listed with a introduction and instructions, on 'how-to' make it. Based on Origami methods, this is some crafty fun, indeed.       

My Comment:

       Seeing my kids indulged in any craft, other than Minecraft (but I love that too), really makes me happy. And, I am a happy mom now, as my elder one is endlessly folding papers, for his airplanes, thanks to this amazing book (though we get a huge mess around house and my younger son is not old enough to make a perfect plane).

       The large sized illustrations and clear cut instructions (with step-by-step pictures) make my work easy, in guiding my eight-year-old son. While bigger kids (above grade 5), should be able handle all the folds, my son needed help in understanding some folds. But, why not, certainly I too love folding.

       With so much one-sided printer paper, flying around our house, the raw materials for this craft are always handy for us (Some planes need different thin varieties of paper). Stapler and scissors are also not hard to find. So, right from the moment, we got the book from library, we started working on it. (Not much of planning phase, which is again easy on me).

        Apart from being crafty, the book is also informative, filling the learning side. And, nothing is going to stop us from knowing more, folding more and flying airplanes through sky. (What else, now all those one sided paper will be taken care of).

Published By : Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.

Number Of Pages : 96

Classification : Skill (Origami), Informative (Airplane models)

Age : Grades above 5

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  1. That looks like a fun book. Last Christmas, we had a paper plane folding & flying contest. This book would have come in handy for better made paper airplanes.

    1. Thanks, Keitha, for stopping by. What a wonderful fun! We could also plan a paper plane contest around this summer, as we are already getting good at it.


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