Talkin' Guitar : A Story Of Young Doc Watson - Robbin Gourley (2015)

ISBN 10 : 0 544 12988 1
ISBN 13: 978 0 544 12988 7
        Being blind, his ears have opened a whole new musical world, to the notorious Grammy-winning guitarist, Arthel Lane "Doc" Watson.

A World Of Sounds

         Born in a place, where the sky meets mountains, young Watson's surrounding is filled with nothing, but music. Mom's lullaby, clucking of chickens, mooing of cows, whistling of train, wind, rain and every other sound is musical to Arthel. 

          A harmonica and a banjo become his first music instruments. Before long, he gets his own guitar, after he plays a sweet song with his cousin's guitar. When he practised his guitar before, between and after his chores, a guitarist is on the bloom.

Published By : Clarion Books

Number Of Pages : 40

Classification : Biography (Arthel "Doc" Watson)

Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1- 3

 My Comments

       The  graceful cover image of a boy, playing guitar casually, is enough to convince me in picking this book. (Only after that, I checked what this book is about). And in every page after that, the illustrations connect the readers with the place where young Watson lived. And, wow, the entire black page, symbolizing blindness, is a visual poem.

       The narration is simple, but it does have a musical vibration. And, it is a perfect fit for the young readers, for whom the book is intended to. The brief summary about Doc Watson towards the end of the book and the song, at the back cover, offer more to love about this book.

       Every time, I introduce a biography to my kids, I feel happy that I have added another feather to their inspirational wings. It happened once again, with this book.

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  1. Sounds like a book my children would have enjoyed when they were young. Thanks for sharing. Visiting you as part of the blog hop!


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