How Are You Peeling? - Saxton Freymann & Joost Elffers (1999)

ISBN 10 : 0 439  10431 9
(Scholastic 2004 Edition)

           A tomato is happy. An orange is jealous. An onion is sad. Oh, yes, you read it right. Those are all vegetables and fruits, emoting out. And, also they come out with a perfect moral "It's alright to show your emotions".

To Emote Is Your Right
      This book talks about emotions, but not in a philosophical way. In a very funny and ingenious way, with the vast array (photographs) of various vegetables and fruits, the authors have showcased emotions from happy, sad, tired, frustrated, angry etc. (The cover shows a smiling bell pepper).

       Not to stop with these basic emotions, the vegetables and fruits also show intricate emotions like feeling safe, feeling pride, timid and bold.

Published By : Arthur A. Levine Books (First Ed.)

Number Of Pages : 48

Classification : Emotional , Moral, Photo-based

Age : Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment :

            As (only) potato, being my kids' most favorite vegetable, I have always checked for resources to introduce other vegetables in a lighter side. That's how, I came across this book, as I was literally attracted to the cover. And, till the back cover, the book behold my surprise element (And, no doubts in my kids' love over this book). The way, the authors, have designed out to make the foods emote, is sure to catch you also.

            Page to page, my kids (and me, too) cannot stop exclaiming at the emoting veggies and fruits. It could be a toddler or a preschooler or a grade-schooler, there is something they can love about this book, varying from bright colored pictures, emotions of the foods and the casual narration. And, after all the features, I loved the moral.

            With so much emotions around, this book is sure going to make you smile, relaxed and cheerful. And, don't worry, it is okay to show your emotions.

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