Periodic Table : Elements With Style - Simon Basher & Adrian Dingle (2007)

           "I am deadly serious"; that is how the periodic table element Plutonium introduces itself, in this book. And, that is only a very small preview of fun-info combo in this book.


           The periodic table, developed by chemist Dmitri Mendeleev, is a tabular arrangement of all the chemical elements. The elements are classified into groups, as alkali metals, alkali-earth metals, the boron elements etc., based on their properties.

             In this book, all the elements (excluding some) in periodic table get a self-introductory page, to talk about their properties and uses.  Each page also includes a picture of the element and lists the features such as the symbol, atomic number, color and various other attributes of the elements.

            If I just say, the book details about every element, that would be a very basic description. The cool attitude of the book goes a lot more than being just an elements' catalog.

My Comment:

            My third grader son is  fascinated by periodic table for the past two years and we have come across several other books, in this topic. But, truth to be told, this is the only book. I can read along with him, about this table. (Flashback : Chemistry is my achilles heel, from school days). Totally, this book has done the magic of  transforming a dry subject into a fun filled book, bolstered with whimsical visuals.

             Fun is the inviting component of the book. But, the author has not stopped with that.  Every single line and illustration in the book is loaded with ample details and of course, with never missing fun. (Chlorine says "I am a mean, green killing machine" - Point stated). The illustrations portraying the attributes of the elements, is another genius component of the book. The rowdy-ish look of highly active alkali metals, the polished look of Gold and Platinum are some clever ideas. (And, you can see a book full of such ideas, in this book).

            The only (and major) problem with this book, is that some elements don't get the single page introduction. (My son was little disappointed with it). But, to get a fun head start with periodic table, this book would be perfect. Apart from packing info into the brain, this book can also leave a chuckle on your lips.

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