Andrew Drew And Drew - Barney Saltzberg (2012)

          Noodling or doodling, anything can start an art for Andrew. But, the pages in this book show only some scribbles. So, where do his imaginative illustrations are hiding? Well, maybe, under those surprising flaps.

An Art Journey

        Andrew was a doodle boy. Andrew drew and drew and drew. He drew stairs and a mighty dinosaur emerged out of it. (The normal page spread of the book shows only the stairs. Open the side flaps to see that stairs extend into the scales of the double-page sized dinosaur). He just started a line, but ended up with a rocket-y kite and clouds.
         It can be a scribble or a doodle, that can result in a magical drawing for Andrew. Whether simply tired or at night, Andrew's drawing can stop. But he always knows there is more to draw tomorrow.

         This book is not just filled with Andrew's drawings. It is a journey through Andrew's visual world, where Andrew expands his doodles into full-fledged pictures, with some hide and seek fun with the flaps.

My Comments:

                Flap books are always filled with surprises. But, this book is something extra special in the flap book category.  When the normal pages show only the starting doodles of Andrew, the side flaps extend into the fully-emerged illustrations. So, it is the layout, that captured my mind first, pushing the awesome creativity and fun to the second place.

              Andrew, illustrating the elephant in the cover image, is just a teaser to the book-full zany genius illustrations. Do plain pencil-outlined images, can give fun? Yes, this book is a better proof of that. Though only Andrew being in color and all other illustrations are just pencil outlines, the illustrations carry the entire story and also the fun factor of the book (The text in the book is very less, just supporting the flow).

               Apart from surprises, my first worry about flap books is the longevity of the flaps. But, to my surprise, the flaps of the book are really sturdy(The flaps are not small ones; they are actually fold-outs of pages). Before motivating a kid to sharpen a pencil and imagination, this book can deliver fun and some insights of art-driven thoughts.

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