Green - Laura Vaccaro Seeger (2012)

         (Caldecott Honor - 2013)

         Emerald? Shamrock? Mint? Basil? Any kind of green is a green. And, that is the very concept of this book, illustrated with various kinds of green in various environments, in each two-page spreads.

A Green Album
          What is that luscious colour that covers the top of a forest? It is forest green. And, what about the color of a sea turtle, that swims swiftly underwater? Yes, sea green. When the green color extends all the way into foods, we get lime green and pea green. Explore more green with jungle, khaki and fern greens. Is that it? No.

           After visualizing various greens, sure, you need to check these conceptual greens: no green, always green and never green. Just be extra careful to look out as some greens are hidden in the die-cuts of pages and others are skillfully camouflaged.

      "Green is not just limited as a color in this book. It is a more like a concept. As with some fireflies figurate glow green, this book has painted more meanings of this fresh color."
My Comments:
           Sure, we might have come across a book, that shows various objects belonging to the same color, at least once in our life of 'reading with kids'. But, this Caldecott Honor is a jewel, among these conceptual books.
          The master brush strokes of the illustrator (the author, herself) has reproduced flora and fauna, in varying shades of green.  And, you cannot stop wondering about the publishing technology, that brings out the color shades, crystal clear. Also keep in mind that though the book collectively represents green, only selected green shades are portrayed in the book (Of course, green has a vast range of shades and putting them all, would be too much for a children's book. But, I missed my favorite shade of green, teal).

           If this author has any plans on making a series of other color based books on this concept, sure we will get an exotic array of art books for children.

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