Always - Emma Dodd (2014)

ISBN 10 :  0 7636 7544 X
ISBN 13 : 978 0 7636 7544 8
        (This book was published under the names "Sometimes" and  "No Matter What" in 2007 and 2008).

A Statement of Love      
       It is unconditional. It is immeasurable. It is irreplaceable.  Go ahead and try fitting it with all the goodness in the world. It down weighs everything else. And, yes, it is mother's love.

         This book is a pleasurable statement of love from a mom elephant to her baby. The mother elephant loves her baby. Her love is always with her baby, whether he is happy or sad, good or bad. Sometimes he is brave, good and kind and sometimes not. But, there is something that never changes for him, his mom's eternal love for him.

         If you cannot take my words on this, read this book. It is the mom elephant's own words and love, that flows entirely in this book.

     Published By : Templar Books

       Number of Pages : 24

       Classification : Emotional (Mother's love), Relation (Mother), Conceptual (Opposites)

       Age : Toddler, Preschooler

My Comment: 
         We never get tired about certain things. Reading a book about moms, strongly falls into this category. Seeing my kids enjoying every mom book (including this wonderful book), I feel that this is because every book reassures their own mom's love towards them.

        Illustrations form the primary charm of this book. Baby elephants are adorable. In Emma Dodd's delightful illustrations, this baby elephant is doubly cute. And, no one can turn a page without admiring the lovely mom and her kid. The narration is simple, but it makes a warm reading with the company of illustrations.

        The surprise silver streaks in the book add to the entertaining elements of the book. (Imagine silver streaks of rain drops, filling a page of the book and a shining silver river flowing. No wonder my kids flipped the pages repeatedly, to check this). The concept of opposites (good x bad, clean x dirty, scared x brave and other opposites) makes this book educational too. 

         It is enjoyable. It is lovable. It is beautiful. And, yes, this book can touch your hearts.

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