Nana In The City - Lauren Castillo (2014)

ISBN 10 :  0 544 104439
ISBN 10 : 978 0 544 104433
                 (Caldecott Honor -2015)

Vibrantly Busy, Cheerfully Loud

            Every coin has two sides. Whatever that looks scary and dreadful, could also have a tender, brighter side. This book is a lovable, child-size version of this universal message.

             A city is busy, loud and filled with scary stuff. A city is not a right place for a grandma to live in. This is the opinion of the young boy, who visits his nana in the city and spends a day with her in the city streets. 

             As the grandma decided to show him the other dimension of the city, she knits him a superhero cape and makes him feel brave. Also, she introduces him the city, that is cheerfully loud, vibrantly busy and filled with unique experiences. What is the opinion of the boy, about the city, now?

    Published By : Clarion Books

    Number Of Pages : 40

    Classification : Emotional (Being Brave), Relation (Grandmother)

    Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment:

                I suppose it is hard to have missed the cover image of this book, as it was announced as "Caldecott Honor" before a couple of months. And, I have come across it in various places. With adorable illustrations in orange dominated tones, that exhibit fondness and cheerfulness, the book is energetic and detailed in every page. (And, I personally adore the nana and the boy holding hands and jaunting around the big city.)

              After the lovely illustrations, the positive message of the book made me, to love the book more. The grandma, showing the city in its better terms, is a wonderful concept. The boy becoming brave, as part of this dimension change, sends a direct moral to any kids' fear. (Aren't we, as parents, always try to introduce the brighter side of the world to our kids?)

               The text is simple and less, but it is precise and expressive. It also holds the magic of transforming the reader's view of the city from scary to a lively one. Be it the vibrancy, fondness, cheer and positivity, there is something, in this book, of everything a kid would love.

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