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The Newbery Medal Seal (Gold)

          While a Caldecott Award honors an illustrator, the Newbery Medal identifies the remarkable authors. Every year, Newbery Medal is given to the author of the "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children".

       The 'Association for Library Service to Children' (ALSC) selects a children's book as Newbery Medal winner, each year (Represented with a golden seal on the book cover). Apart from this, zero to eight books are selected as Newbery Honor books (represented with a silver seal). 

Image Credits : alastore.ala.org
The Newbery Honor Seal (Silver)

        The first Newbery Medal was given in June 27, 1922. 'The Story of Mankind' by Hendrik Willem Van Loon, is the first book to win a Newbery Medal. The awards were named after the 18th century British publisher, bookseller and author John Newbery, also called as 'the Father of Children's Literature'. 

         The idea of the award was first proposed by Frederic G. Melcher in 1921, also a bookseller and editor of Publisher's Weekly. Though from the beginning, only winners are identified along with runners-up, from the year 1971, the runners-up are named as Newbery Honors.


       The seal of the Newbery Medal was designed by Rene Paul Chambellan (He designed Caldecott awards also). The actual medal of Newbery Award is made of bronze, with the winning author's name and the date engraved on it. The replica is placed on the book covers.

  • One side of the seal depicts an author giving his work (book) to a boy and a girl. 
  • The other side reads a inscription "For The Most Distinguished American Literature For Children" along with the name "Children's Librarians Section" (Though this organization's name is changed now). 
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