Small Medium Large - Emily Jenkins (2011)

ISBN 10 : 15957 22785
ISBN 13 : 978 15957 22782
A new 'theory of relativity'
      colossal > enormous > huge 

       large > medium > small 

       miniature > miniscule > itty-bitty

      Can't get a hand on these equations? No problems. The author Emily Jenkins has presented a neat book, that has clear-cut illustrations and equations, to better understand the relative sizes. 

      The book starts with a small, a medium and a large character (imaginary ones, look like a dog or mouse). Don't stop just there, as we witness an extra-large, a huge, an enormous and even a colossal one (It is so colossal, that it can't even fit in the book). Now the scale changes, as the tiny, teeny, miniature, miniscule and itty-bitty creatures are on the line.

      Some serious math starts here, as two smalls add into one large. Add everything from itty-bitty to small to get a huge character. Along with certain other equations, the last(colossal) page, unfolds and a striking colossal creature is added up.

    Illustrated By : Tomek Bogacki

      Published By : Star Bright Books

      Number of Pages : 36

      Classification : Conceptual, Educational

      Age : Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment :

            It is not very hard to find a book, conceptualising small, medium and large. But what is smaller than small, and larger than large? (Something other than very small and very large). That's where this book specialises at. Not to stop with education, this book is downright funny (The page for 'colossal' is a colossal hit with my kids). Even though this book is not story-based, it can hold the attention and curiosity of my kids.

           Introducing 'larger than large' words like huge, enormous, colossal and 'smaller than small' words like tiny, teeny, miniscule takes the comparison to a broader level. (Although kids might have heard these words already, it is refreshing to know them in the linear scale of comparison). The font size, that changes with the size of characters, (from itty - bitty to Colossal ), is another fun part and a wonderful visual cue.

            The illustrator, Tomek Bogacki, has fun-filled the book with various sizes of the creatures (They are imaginary, but adorable). The illustrations make the comparison chart an easy-go and makes the learning more fun. The only problem, I found with this book is the title, as it feels more generic. (I would have skipped this book in library, if my younger son didn't open it and watch the pictures with curiosity). 

            Though the concept of the book works with kids of and above kindergarten, any kid would love this book, full of itty-bitty details and colossal fun.

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