Gone Wild - David McLimans (2006)

ISBN 10 : 0 8027 9563 3
ISBN 13 : 978 0 8027 9563 2
                            (Caldecott Honor - 2007)

Wildly Graphical
         Various animals, which walked on earth once, are now extinct. But, wait, this book is not about dinosaurs. It lists the animals, which have endangered existence. Before you start to think how this book fits for a child, I should say that it is the graphical rendering of animals and their alphabetical listing make this, a wonderful children's book.

           From A to Z, an endangered animal appears for each alphabet. While 'A' is figurated with the head of the Chinese Alligator (for 'A'), a Madagascar Boa curls up the bends of 'B'. As Naked Characin and Blue Duck follow the line, the list goes up to Grevy's Zebra. (The cover image gives more idea).  Along with this, the book adds up details like the class, habitat and a short description of each species. Also, the reason and status for their endangered lives are given.

            (On a note, this book was published in 2006. There is a possibility that the endangered status of the animals provided in the book had been changed, over this 9 years.)

     Published By : Walker & Company 

     Number of Pages : 40     

     Classification : Informative , Educational (Science) 

     Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 5

My Comment:

              It is a common knowledge that alphabets and numbers form the versatile topic centers, giving a vast room for various plots for books. But, I should say, the brilliant plot of this book is far from the alphabet center, as it moves to the list of endangered species and graphical depiction of species, with the background of care for environment.

              Though the cover of the book explicitly says that it is a Caldecott Honor, I cannot stop wondering at the marvelous usage of animal features, for the graphical transformation of alphabets. (The wings of moth for 'M', the legs of katydid for 'K' , the fangs of earwig for 'E' to say a few.) 

              Moving ahead of graphics and concept, this book is a lot informative. Any nature lover could find this equally enticing, as much as kids. Though my preschooler needed a follow-up reading to get excited about this book, my second grader quickly took on it. 

              Being a wonderful mix of knowledge, visual fun and some environmental care, I consider this book as a  tabulated document made on the endangered animal kingdom and also as a serious fun for a child's read.

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