Buying, Training & Caring For Your Dinosaur - Laura Joy Rennert (2009)

ISBN 10 : 03758 36799
ISBN 13 : 978 03578 36794
A Petrifying Pet
            Dinosaurs are so adorable (except the times when they chase us to eat us). Some day, you might like to have a pet dinosaur. But where do you start? What kind would you buy? How to take care of it? Not to worry, the author Laura Joy Rennert has come up with this complete guide on how to buy, train and care for your pet dinosaur.

         A)   The first portion of the book goes on selecting the right kind of dinosaur for you. There are many kids of dinosaurs with different features. The features are analysed as follows : a horn of the triceratops can be used to cut a cake, a tyrannosaurus should be bought along with a leash. 

         B)  After buying, here comes training. There are tips to teach dinosaur to catch and fetch ball without smashing the car. (Rolling over should be completely avoided). 

         C)  Caring includes how to exercise dinos, how to feed them etc.

         Illustrated By : Marc Brown

             Published By : Knopf Books

             Number of Pages : 40

             Classification : Funny, Informative (Dinosaurs and their features)

             Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment:

      Whether you are a dinosaur-lover or not, you will absolutely enjoy this book. But, there are two reasons, why I picked this book for reading:
  • My preschooler is a big fan of dinosaurs. (You can see his partial collection of dinosaurs in the click above, along with the book.)
  • The illustrator of the book is Marc Brown. (His 'Arthur' series books are already in my kids' favorites list.)
      And, I am really happy that  made this choice, as my kids enjoyed this book thoroughly. (Though I can't say, my preschooler followed each and every fun tip). With so much information and fun around, the narration is surprisingly intact and make it easy to follow and enjoy the book thoroughly. The cool layouts highlight the text and uplift the book.

      With so many adorable dinosaurs walking around, Marc Brown's illustrations are superb fun. The smiles of dinosaurs are super cute. There is another remarkable feature, I love about this book. This book is fully filled with funny ideas and mishaps about petting a dinosaur. But, the author maintains a strict serious tone, while making the readers laughing out with every sentence. (You minus the layouts and Marc Brown's cute illustrations, you would actually think that the author is serious about petting a dinosaur).

         What if they are extinct? Have some serious fun imagining, petting a dinosaur.

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