Very Little Red Riding Hood - Teresa Heapy (2014)

ISBN 10 : 05442 80008
ISBN 13 : 978 05442 80007
   ( Note : The author and the illustrator (of this book) together has come out with a "Very Little" series, putting a modern spin on classic tales.) 

A Very Big 'Good' change

         It is completely unfair of humans to treat wolves as mean and cunning animals. But, this Very Little Red Riding Hood is taking a chance and believes Wolf. Will the Wolf live up to her belief?

        Very Little Red Riding Hood (a sweet toddler-talking girl) is set off on a journey to her Grandmama's house. On the way, she meets a Wolf (which she thinks as and calls "Foxie"). Running a wild chase, they reach Grandmama's house. After spending a wonderful time with Grandmama and the Wolf, Red Riding Hood misses her mommy and starts crying. The Wolf tries to console her, with his tactics. Is he a good Wolf, or, the same old mean Wolf, using his tactics on a helpless girl?

     Illustrated By : Sue Heap

      Published By : HMH Books For Young Readers

      Number of Pages : 32

      Classification : Fairy Tale, Funny

      Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener

My Comment :

           Whenever I read some touched-up versions of classic tales, I am amazed to see how the authors can weave a modernized version of already existing tales. This is one such cute modern tale of Red Riding Hood.

          Every kind of fun, you would expect from an adorable children's book is filled in this book. The author's light-hearted, funny narration makes this book wonderful for light reading. The usage of classical phrases ("What big eyes you have?") by the Wolf is apt. The cheerful bright illustrations pop out of the book and catches the eye (Of course, it is the story of "Red" Riding Hood). The final "Happily Ever After" gives a lovely old-day touch to this modern story.

           As a remark, how much do you prefer toddler language (where 'Yellow' is 'Lello') in a book? Well, the Very Little Red Riding Hood of this story speaks this cute, lovely language. It is so cute but I felt strange also. Is language skill, one of the main reasons for reading a book? What language skills this book would provide to a developing preschooler? This leaves me with a mixed-up feelings about this book. 

         After the reading, my boys concluded this as "Girl's Book". And, yes, this book would work more with girls (But, I really hate to distinguish books based on gender). With all the love for Red Riding Hood, we can sure enjoy this childish sweet version 'Very Little Red Riding Hood'.

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