The Hueys in 'It Wasn't Me' - Oliver Jeffers (2014)

ISBN 10 : 03992 57683
ISBN 13 : 978 03992 57681

(Note : This is the second book, with the Hueys, the oval shaped creatures, introduced in "The Hueys in the New Sweater", also by Oliver Jeffers.)

Is it me, or you?

             There are certain aspects about children's fight,

                        1) They won't know why they are fighting.

                        2) Every kid, involved in the fight, thinks that he didn't start it. 

              Exactly, that's how the Hueys are fighting. The Hueys mostly get along with each other, but not always. It was a day, when five Hueys are arguing with each other. Gillespie (another Huey) asks them why they are fighting. But, a bigger argument erupts since they cannot decide who started the fight in the first place.

               Though Gillespie cannot solve their problem, he can give a diversion to the Hueys from the fight. All he has to do is show them, a ....... (Well, that's a light-hearted fun.)

            Published By : Philomel Books

            Classification : Funny

            Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener

My Comment:

              I believe, this book is out and out a hilarious depiction of children's world. The plot is so simple, linear and any kid would fit in the shoes of Hueys.  In a way, the Hueys are lovely adaptation of every childhood nature. With two boys around in house, we are not short of quarrels at home. 
                                           I : What happened? 
                                           My Kids : No idea. 
                                           I : Who started it? 
                                           Both would reply, "It was him"(pointing to other). 

         After five minutes, they would be playing again together, laughing all the way.

              The narration and illustration, both are of typical Oliver Jeffers' style. The oval shaped, minimal colored Hueys keep the kids amused and entertained, from cover to cover (literally!). The casual fun filled text is guaranteed to provide pure fun. Another lovely Oliver Jeffers' mark is the dialogues within speech bubbles. Don't miss any one of them, as they are funny and they move the story ahead.

               But, yes, I do have a concern about this book. It lacks the depth of a complete story book (Actually, it has only one event, not a story). But, seeing my kids turning the pages of this book again and again, I should say every kid would love this simple world of Hueys.

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