Z is for Moose - Kelly Bingham (2012)

ISBN 10 : 00607 99846
ISBN 13 : 978 00607 99847
An Alphabet Catastrophe

          'M is for Moose' is all, what the moose (in this book) wanted. But, wait, 'M' can be anything like 'monkey', 'mole' or a 'mouse'. This small mishap caused a big rampage in this story.

           Zebra is conducting an alphabet show (A huge line of alphabetical objects and animals are waiting behind stage). Moose is all excited to appear for 'M'. He can't wait from the time 'D is for Duck' appears. He is questioning zebra annoyingly, till 'M' comes.

           But, oh my, a 'Mouse' appears for 'M' and now the Moose is frustrated and goes on a angry rampage on the show. He smashes the 'P is for Pie', draws antlers for 'R is for Ring' and 'S is for Snake'. Finally losing all the hope, he sits on the 'X is for Xylophone' with a sigh. But Zebra is a good friend and he makes a way to cast Moose in the show finally. With only one letter pending (Z) ,how does zebra do that?

         Illustrated By : Paul O. Zelinsky

           Published By : Greenwillow Books

           Number of Pages : 32

           Classification : Educational (Alphabet), Funny

           Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1- 3

My Comment:
       I have read numerous alphabet books to my kids (Yes, for years together, I am revising my alphabet skills). Not even once, I realised selecting the objects for alphabets is a cumbersome job. Of course, the left-out ones could make a huge deal like the moose here, right?

           Okay, now in serious mode, my kids laughed, giggled (and the whole set of other words for laughing) and absolutely loved this book. The idea of a moose ruining a alphabet show is hilarious. The author reflects this brilliant plot, from the title to the very end (even in the text of back cover). Not even one page in this book misses the target of inducing your laugh. 

           Also, if you are going to read this book, don't miss any illustration, even in the endpapers too. The illustrator has filled every bit of the illustration with fun and detailing. (Maybe, if I see a moose ever again, I might break into laughter). The last page message (of forgiveness and acceptance) from Zebra is a wonderful one.

            As a word of caution, it is better to read this book for pure fun (which is there, one hundred percent) and not as a book to teach alphabets and words. Some of the pages don't work with alphabet teaching. The duck in 'D' page is pushed off-stage by the moose and not visible. The pie in 'P' page is completely smashed by the moose and the words are hard to figure out. (Also, with so much laughter around, who is going to worry about learning alphabets?)

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