My First Big Book of Why - Amy Shields (2011)

ISBN 10 : 14263 07934
ISBN 10 : 978 14263 07935
           Why are sweets, sweet? Why is salt salty? Why is the sun hot? Why is the moon waxing and waning?  Do you have a kid around, who has a 'Why' question, about everything in this world (like mine)? Then, this is the book you should consider. 

For All The Big 'WHY's      

        The series of 'Why?' questions are classified into four broad categories in this book. 

       A)  Starting with self exploration, the book answers questions about every person's self. (Why does skin wrinkle when wet? When do baby teeth fall out? etc.)

       B)  The second category covers things around us. It goes around explaining how TVs, planes and boats work, among the other answers.

       C)  The next category is for animal lovers. Check why squirrels bury acorns and why cows make milk and about various features of different animals. 

        D)  Finally it is time to learn about the nature and world. Go ahead and know about rainbows, wind, thunder, snow and other features of nature world.

    Don't just stop with learning, this book also offers interesting small details, easy-to-do experiments and brainstorming questions. Added to that, there are 'Why Not?' pages where pictures with impossible things are given and kids need to spot them out. (After 'Why?', the next step would be going for 'Why Not?'. Right?)  

     Edited By : 'National Geographic Kids' Team

     Published By : National Geographic Children's Books

     Number of Pages : 128

     Classification : Educational (Science), Informative, Interactive

     Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment :

          Owning this book for nearly two years, I have always seen my kids fond of this book. Apart from bright colors and lovable lay out, it is the very concept of curiosity (of asking "Why?' to everything), makes my kids bonded to this book. Of course, asking 'Why?' is the huge step of learning, every kid takes. No wonder, a book full of 'Why?', is my kids' favorite.

               As a first rule for every kids' book, this book is aptly bright, interspersed with colorful, large photographs and easy-to-read fonted text. As the text and photos turn to be fully informative and entertaining also, science becomes a enjoyable subject to kids. (I personally loved the popcorn, filling half the page of the book.)

              Another lovable aspect of this book is that it acts as a starter for much bigger exploration. While learning about hair types, I further extended the topic by how they are passed through generations. The extra features like small tidbits, questions, experiments and especially the  'Why Not?' page adds to the interactiveness of the book. 
         Although, my mind registered this small detail. Humans are classified as "Carnivores" in the "Amazing Me" section of the book. Having seen many vegetarian friends, this classification is a shock to me. But, if you take my kids' judgement, this book is fully sciencey in an enjoyable way.

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