Not Just A Dot - Loryn Brantz (2014)

ISBN 10 : 16291 46226
ISBN 13 : 978 16291 46225
See The Bigger Picture

          What is a dot? It depends on from where you are seeing things. Ants are like dots, from distance. People are like dots, when seen from sky. Here is the story of a dot, who learns this.

         Dot (Yes, really, a dot) feels small and insignificant. Dot thinks that nobody needs him. But, just in time, Dot learns that he is needed in everything. A person (in the illustration in the book) cannot see with one eye. He gets a dot for other eye and sees well. A question mark needs a dot. A dalmatian needs a dot. As the confidence level of Dot rises slowly, he learns one last important lesson. What are we all, to start with?

     Published By: Sky Pony

      Classification : Interactive(Finding Dot's place, Dots sticker),

                                 Educational (Dots, Big and Small)

      Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener

My Comment:

         I feel that this is a great book talking about a 'small' thing. Feeling small, is not just one person's problem. Any kid could have felt it at some time (Like the Dot in this story). Together with Dot, they can feel better too. The narration, though it encompasses bigger concepts, is simple enough for a preschooler to follow.

          The human face, for a dot, is a wonderful imagination and it provides a personal appeal to the story. My preschooler (and I) enjoyed the interactiveness of this book. As he needs to point out where the dot goes, this book totally worked out for reading and as a fun activity. And an educational one too. It also comes with the sticker sheet of colorful dots.

         Yes, there are so many good things in this book. But, I felt this acts as a slight negative too. As the book is richly packed with morals and activities, a small kid might not be able to grasp all this. But, my preschooler loved this book (And, we have already done a couple of readings). All is well, if he gets the bigger picture.          

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