The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle(1969 - First Ed.)

         Caterpillars and butterflies never get old in children's world. They are always delightful and lovely. That's how this book is also to kids.

Spread your proud wings                                         

           It is a Sunday Morning. An egg pops and a caterpillar comes out. On Monday, he eats through one apple. On Tuesday, he eats through two pears and on Wednesday, he eats through three plums and so on. After he becomes a big caterpillar, he builds a cocoon around himself and emerge out as a butterfly.

        Publisher : World Publishing - First Ed.

       Classification : Educational (Science, Days of Week)

       Age : Baby, Toddler, Preschooler

       ISBN 10 : 0399226907
                (1994 Board Book Edition)

My Comment:
             If a kid loves colorful pictures, he/she would sure love this book. If a kid loves flaps, he/she would sure be surprised by this book. If a kid loves nature, he/she would sure read this book, again and again. If a kid want to play with a book, he/she would peek through the small holes in this book. Well, what's not in this classic book, that a child adores?

          As a parent, if you want a moral, you can always say "See, the caterpillar ate junk food and got stomach ache". If you want to teach science to your kid, you can introduce the life cycle of butterfly. If you prefer maths, there are counts of fruits. If you want more, there are days of the week, mentioned in each page. 

         Even without considering all this, this book is a brightly illustrated, delightfully narrated wonder. So, if you wish for a happy reading time with your kid, this classic book is always there.

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