Alphabatics - Suse MacDonald (1986)

ISBN 10 : 00276 15200
ISBN 13 : 978 00276 15203
           (Caldecott Honor-1987)

          Alphabets can make words. But have we ever thought alphabets can make gymnastic (Or, animated) moves? In Suse MacDonald's Caldecott Honor book, the letters are flipped, twisted and moved, to form a picture. Either animation or gymnastics, the book is pure fun.

Animated Alphabets
       'A' is flipped upside down to make an 'Ark'. 'B' is tilted and a 'Balloon' emerges. 'C' makes a rotation and makes the smile of a 'Clown'. In the same way, all the letters of the alphabets get their own animation and change into something, which starts with the letter. ('j' changes into a jack-in-the-box, which forms the cover image of the book.) 

          Dive into the book to see a 'Fish' jumping out of 'F' , an 'insect' flying out of 'i' and so much more.

    Publisher : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

     Classification : Educational (Alphabets), Funny

     Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment:
         Almost all the kids have strong visual skills. They see cotton candy in clouds and piano keys in zebra crossing. And, this book is excellent to develop their visual cues to the next level. (Even if some kids are not into their imagination part much, this book can do the magic of budding their creativity).

          When coming to illustrations, what can a reader prefer? Charming, colorful pictures or amazing creativity? The author-cum-illustrator have portrayed both in the illustrations. As the ingenious illustrations already won Caldecott Honor, I can only just marvel at them, instead of talking. 

          After the creative illustrations, the next great thing about this book is its playful theme. It loosens the academic rigidness of alphabets and gives the freedom to kids, to play with it. What else can we ask for, when education is combined with fun? It is time for the kids to learn and play.

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