Jumanji - Chris Van Allsburg(1981)

ISBN 10 : 03953 04482
ISBN 13 : 978 03953 0448

                    (Caldecott Winner-1982)

       (Apart from Caldecott award, this book has also won various awards like Kentucky Bluegrass award (1983), Golden Archer Award for Primary (1996) etc.)

Cast a Die and Go wild

     What do you expect when playing a board game? Some scores, some penalties, crossing out opponent's coins, finishing in the first place. But, these are not in Chris Van Allsburg's world, where everything can take a adventurous turn.

       Peter and Judy are playing a ordinary looking board game, Jumanji, in their house. Guess what? A lion appears in real life, monkeys ransack the kitchen, rhinoceros stampede in the living room and so on. These animals won't leave away, until either Peter or Judy finish the game. But every time, they cast a die, a new danger is waiting to visit them. Finally who has the winning hand?

       Published By : HMH Books for Young Readers

          Classification : Mystery

          Age : Grades 1 and above

My comment: 

    I have always believed Chris Van Allsburg's books are not just for children. They perfectly fit the taste of an entire family. Of course, who don't like the mysterious events and last page twists?

     Also, reading a Chris Allsburg's book is like watching a motion picture. (Yes, this one is a successful motion picture also). The illustrations are deep, multidimensional and multilayered, and can make a  deeper visual impact  just like a movie.The illustrations in this book uplift the mood of the book and are precise to build the eerie atmosphere.

       This book is exceptional in all these qualities and a timeless hit.  (You should have seen my kids' faces, when my voice going up and down, with suspense and action, while reading this story), This book is a complete winner with my boys, who were all excited with the action.  Even though the book more suits for big kids, my preschooler son too enjoyed it. And, yes, we read the book 'once more' & 'once more'.

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