Animals Animals - Eric Carle (Poem Collection) (1989)

ISBN 10 : 03992 17444

"The wild world of Poems"           

             Poems are great. Collection of poems from around the world, written by great poets is remarkable. If all those poems shine with the bright illustrations of Eric Carle, what's more there to ask for?

            This book is a collection of poems about various living beings to which Eric Carle gives visual life. It starts with the verses from Bible and and includes poems of African Pygmy, Japanese Haiku, Australian Aborigine. Along with these, poems of Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson and other eternal poets are included.

            All these poems, which articulate about living beings, varying from bumble bee, ant, dog, snake to whales, lions and seals, are enhanced by the canvas of Eric Carle.

          Publisher : Philomel Books - First Ed.

          Classification : Poems

          Age : Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 5

My Comment:

            Introducing diversified interests at a young age is always good. In that respect, I consider this book as an important one. It is not a story book, that could be read in a single day. It is good to take time and read this book slowly. (I read two poems in a day)

            Whether your kid already likes poems or not, it is worth a shot, introducing this book. The poems, that are simple and flowing along with lively illustrations, may bring out the poetic sense in your child. Eric Carle's illustrations are vibrant and act as the backbone of this book. (My preschooler son, though he cannot read the book, enjoyed leafing through the book, seeing the illustrations over and over again.)

             Some poems, my kids loved in this book are about barracuda, snake, sparrow etc. But they can't follow and understand all the poems. The Haikus are lovely, but I have to explain them to my kids. Though they can't follow everything, I was satisfied that I introduced this exciting book to them.

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